Luiza Rehder

Luiza Rehder holds a law degree (LL.B., 2019) from the University of São Paulo, and works as a lawyer on technology, intellectual property and data protection, based in São Paulo. During her tenure at the university, she acted as a teaching assistant (T.A) of Intellectual Property (2016) and Law & Technology (2019) courses and attended the Law, Internet and Society Nucleus (NDIS-USP), which carried out activities and research focused on freedom of speech (2017) and artificial intelligence (2019). She also attended the Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School held by the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xiamen University (IPRI) and China’s State Intellectual Property Office, in July 2019. Her contribution to the “Necessary & Proportionate” reports was carried out through a partnership between EFF and the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics from the University of São Paulo (IME-USP).

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